Society faces new events every day, some of which are predictable and some of which are unpredictable. Organizations must also deal with these circumstances that involve decision-making under a high degree of uncertainty. Many leaders feel lost and unsure of what they should be doing. They don’t know where to put their focus and end up feeling scattered. And when you feel scattered in your own business, your customers will feel it too. Without proper clarity and direction, you’ll give off an unclear image and unable to reach the market effectively. Confusion is the enemy.

Branding is one of the most powerful assets that managers have to guide the future of their businesses. You can improve your understanding by identifying what makes you truly important and how you can improve the lives of your customers. But for it to be effective, the brand must have a clear definition.

Brand clarity is

inextricably linked to business and is critical to business success. A brand that lacks clarity lacks intent. And unintentionally, you’ll end up making wrong decisions instead of moving forward on what will truly help you grow your business. If you identify the true DNA of your brand, if you discover its purpose, you can use it to consolidate the business with more intent.

The best way to find clarity and focus for your business is by developing a well-defined brand strategy. A brand strategy will guide you to understand your own reason for being as a business and will provide you with the guidelines that build those meanings that differentiate you, helping you stay focused.

As an element of emotional connection between people, the brand represents the soul of the Company. Their ability to communicate clearly and simply is linked to their ability to create value, making it easily understood and welcomed. It has been proven that a lack of clarity leads to the destruction of value. We only have to remember the case of Kodak, despite being the inventors of digital photography, they did not know how to capitalize on the value of new technologies in their sector and ended up losing focus and all relevance in the market.

4 Steps in Building Clarity for Your Brand

  1. Who
    Start from an introspective view. Identify who you are, what you believe in, and what your personality traits are, whether you’re an entrepreneur or from a corporate perspective. Remember that brands are built from people to people, so embodying your business is the first step to connecting with your audience. Now you can think outwardly, who your ideal audience is, not so much from a demographic perspective as from a larger perspective capable of understanding how you can help them, what their aspirations are. 
  2. Why
    Try to identify the why of your business, you just need an honest view of what led you to bring it to life. The answer must lie in a tangible contribution to society, in a brand purpose. Companies with a purpose at their core are those that truly focus on improving people’s lives and well-being, in its broadest sense. This drives the growth of the brand and the business, while also contributing to its impact and footprint in the world.
    Also think about your original story, you can then use it as something unique to tell to connect with your audience.
    Along these lines, you should find the answer to the question: Why should you care about someone? Why should they choose you over the competition?
  3. How
    Following the sequence, in this section you will have to solve those aspects related to the way in which you do it. How you make people’s lives better. How you make them happier. On the other hand, think about how you want customers to feel when they use your product or service.
    He thinks that the pandemic has led people to question their priorities and all brands have been challenged in their contributions to society. Some have tried to respond with messages of support for the moment, but people look beyond what is said and want actions more than words. No brand can solve all of the world’s challenges, but the precious commodity of trust is built by addressing and applying purpose in a coherent, honest, and inclusive way. 
  4. What
    Finally, it will be necessary to check that everything you produce aligns with the previous answers and is capable of adding value. It will help you to think about what you really do well and contrast it with what you’re not willing to do.
    Perhaps at this point you realize that certain products or services you were offering don’t fit and are contributing to the loss of clarity for your brand. If so, you will have to reorient or replace them in order to refocus the business on what the brand represents, increasing its value.


Aligning the brand strategy according to the constant evolution of the market and the environment is a powerful tool to clearly show what our business is about. A strategy that clearly integrates the brand is a powerful leadership tool. Achieving it is not the job of one, but involves the entire organization with the understanding that branding is the perfect platform to bring the business strategy to life.

Carlos Puig Falcó
CEO of Branward