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What is in a brand name?

In an environment that is totally saturated with brands, having a name that triggers a powerful mental image can be the epicentre of your competitive advantage. Naming, and everything resulting from the verbal identity of a brand, is a powerful branding tool. It is a powerful instrument with the ability to inspire an entire organisation or group of citizens and provide an extremely strategic reference point.
The name is the longest-lasting identity element. One of the first decisions when deciding on a name is choosing suitable typology: abstract, evocative, descriptive, based on a place name, ancestral name, etc.

The vast number of records makes extensive work, including multiple possibilities, essential. On the other hand, market globalisation makes it vital to have names that are flexible and easy to read and pronounce.

What are the basic principles of a good name?

  • A name has to be prominent. If you break the existing codes, the brand’s prominence will grow.
  • A name has to be distinct and unique. It should project its own personality.
  • A name has to be suggestive and evocative. Associations referring to specific concepts are easier to retain in memory.
  • A name has to be legible and easy to pronounce to make brand building easier.
  • A name should avoid negative connotations. It is important to perform linguistic checks.
  • A name has to be able to be registered.

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