We use packaging to build the brand: packaging design, labelling, structural design (3D), prototypes, guidelines.

What is behind great packaging?

Great packaging sells. Packaging acts as an extension of the brand. A company investing millions in product development can afford to pay the necessary attention towards a great packaging design strategy.

The act of purchasing something represents a moment of maximum emotionality in the relationship with the brand, irrespective of the category our product is in. With more than 80% of purchase decisions made at the point of sale, product presentation is the only form of marketing that 100% of customers see.

Consumers tend to repeat the purchase of a brand’s products that instils trust. When a brand successfully transmits its characteristics throughout all its products, recognition is immediate. In this process, emotions play a fundamental role. Packaging that sells connects directly with the hearts and minds of consumers that filters all the characteristics with maximum efficiency and speed. When something catches your attention, you must first connect with your heart for the brain to keep it in your memory.

What are the fundamental aspects to consider?

The packaging strategy should not focus solely on design to meet the specific needs of the marketing department. A global vision is needed, backed by the branding department, capable of merging innovation, production, logistics, marketing, communications and sales and always with the focus on the customer.

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