We identify the positioning by coding the DNA of the brand: its essence, values, benefits, personality, tone of voice and territories

Why does a brand need positioning?

Brand positioning is the most valuable strategic component in creating a strong brand. It represents the place the brand wants to be in the minds of its audience. A clear internal definition will be essential in achieving that external projection.

There are many reasons for making positioning a critical tool: it facilitates market differentiation, allows the brand to compete for value rather than price, enables the construction of clearer communication, justifies possible price strategies and is the first step building stories that connect with emotions. It is very difficult to manage a brand without a clear positioning and is something that goes beyond the brand reaching all the activities of the business.

What do you gain with brand positioning?

We can establish the personality traits of a brand thanks to the positioning as well as its architecture and all the elements of its verbal identity (naming, tagline, voice, tone, style, etc.), its visual identity (logo, visual universe, brand system, brand books, primary and general applications, etc.) and its sensory identity (sound, olfactory and auditory).

Brand positioning is a magnificent strategic tool that will help any brand be successful. It will facilitate its growth and strengthen the foundations of the business to solidify it in the face of market changes. It is therefore important to always put it in the spotlight and correct any deviation in it.

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