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Why is brand architecture important?

Brand architecture -the way in which your offering as a whole is presented to the world- is one of the strategic pillars for sustainable brand development. A suitable architecture protects the brand’s value, promotes efficiency, builds internal cohesion and provides a rational process for all brand decision making. As will all architecture, it must have the correct balance between flexibility, economy, aesthetics, precision and emotion.

The current complexity of many organisations, their size and market changes means that the brand architecture needs to be fluid and, at the same time, reactive to take full advantage of the brand’s potential.

When should you assess the brand’s architecture?

All companies should frequently review their brand architecture to keep up with their portfolio in a manner that obtains the best results, dropping brands where necessary to strengthen those that deserve it. These reviews are often driven by a series of common situations such as:

  1. New product launch, brand extensions
  2. Expanding into new markets
  3. Mergers or acquisitions
  4. Review of positioning
  5. Loss of relevance or meaning
  6. Growth of sub-brands
  7. Master brands that require a greater differentiation over the sub-brands
  8. Product characteristics that invite being treated as brands
  9. Mismatches in brand names
  10. Portfolios that are too extensive or complex

There is no single model to solve this; each company must choose between the diverse options that best fit their needs according to a specific business strategy.

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